Business analysis is the most important element of every Business Central implementation project. Conducting a pre-implementation analysis allows for optimal preparation of the company for the launch and efficient use of the business software, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central. The analysis stage defines the actions required for initiating and planning an ERP implementation project. As part of the analysis, the identification of the client’s business processes is performed, the determination of the organizational structure for ERP implementation, the specification of the functional scope of the implementation, and the definition of critical areas with the highest return on investments. During the analytical meetings, Microsoft partners together with their clients develop: project vision, project scope, projects goals and benefits resulting from the Business Central implementation.


Additionally, the following are determined: project plan, milestones, resources, roles and responsibilities, as well as products. The result of the conducted analysis is comprehensive documentation, including Functional Requirements Document, which describes the client’s current processes in the following scope

  • Current state
  • Suggested implementation path in a relevant process in the ERP system – Business Central
  • Required adjustments- Changes in the scope involve modifications to the standard functionality of Business Central as well as entirely new features that the client may wish to have within the system

Dynamics 365 has a great advantage over the competition and their “off-the-shelf” products – carefully selected and certified Microsoft through the access to the Business Central’s source code have the ability to freely modify and expand the ERP system, making it ‘tailor-made’ for each client and industry Business Central / MD NAV can also be enriched at any stage of its operation in the company with additional functionalities, that are not standard modules. Microsoft partners can create dedicated modules for a selected industry or business area, certify them with Microsoft, and after obtaining the certification resell them through the partner network, so that ultimately each customer has the access to diverse modules, that are not built into the standard system. That gives unlimited possibilities of expanding functionalities of Microsoft ERP-class system, as Dynamics 365 Business Central.


As a part of Navigator IT specialists best practices, we hold periodic visits to the customers headquarters to conduct brief conversations with users, during which a new system needs are identified. In response to the identified needs, we propose suitable solutions in the ERP system, continually enhancing it over time. ERP constantly evolves along with the rapidly changing reality. It keeps up with every market demand, is always a step ahead of competition, and strives forward along with your business ideas.

All adjustments made by Navigator IT to Business Central are meticulously documented through the development of a Functional Project Document.

Navigator IT, as a Microsoft partner, offers you a team of individuals with the Microsoft Certified Professional status, confirmed by several international certifications. These individuals have extensive experience in ERP implementations, both domestically and internationally.


Our service offerings are primarily focused on the ERP system: Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV). Implementations of Business Central conducted by our company are carried out in accordance with the methodology of the company, based on the Sure Step methodology developed by Microsoft, which provides a preferred approach to the Dynamics 365 implementation. NAVIGATOR IT exclusively applies those elements of Sure Step that have been tested in practice and ensure the smooth execution of a demanding project, such as the implementation of ERP in a company.

The use of the methodology based on Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step contributes to the success of implementing a solution based on Dynamics Business Central. This methodology helps Microsoft partners deliver to the client a precisely planned and budgeted implementation project, the execution of which ensures a quick return on investment, meets business expectations, and also prepares for satisfying future needs that arise with the development of the company.


Our methodology consists of five stages: analysis, designing, development, launch and operation, that together constitute a complete process of implementing an ERP project. The operations phase additionally includes customer support after the project is closed, transitioning to post-implementation care (service). In each phase of the project, precisely specified products are generated, subject to verification and acceptance by the customer.

The IT projects led by us are not just ERP implementations. Everything starts from there…

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The primary tasks of the service support provided by Navigator IT include ongoing supervision of the ERP system – Dynamics 365 Business Central, ensuring its full efficiency, enabling its abuse by users according to its intended purpose and functional assumptions, as well as in compliance with legal requirements.


The daily care over the Business Central involves us receiving service requests from users. Requests may concern any doubts or uncertainties related to the ERP system, that appear during its usage. We provide comprehensive assistance to Business Central users, including:

  • ⇒ One, central point of reporting
  • ⇒ Quick response time to submitted reports
  • ⇒ On-the-spot support through phone consultations
  • ⇒ Remote assistance using terminal software, etc.
  • ⇒ On-site service visits
  • ⇒ Constant ERP system development
  • ⇒ Additional services such as audits, consulting, trainings, upgrades or IT infrastructure

We are eager to provide you with daily assistance with Business Central in any situation.

You can benefit from our proven method of appointing a consultant – a dedicated contact on our side, who is well acquainted with the client’s company and is responsible for the entire collaboration. Together with other consultants, they coordinate all the ongoing work related to the ERP system for the Customer.

From our experience, it is a good practice to designate one person on the client’s side authorized to approve any assigned changes. This method works especially well in larger companies where not all users have daily, close contact with each other. The appointed Coordinator on the Customer’s side, in collaboration with the Partner’s Contact, oversees the commissioned modifications related to Business Central.


All changes/modifications of the standard Business Central functionality, that require a programming intervention are implemented by us on a testing database, and only after testing and client’s approval – uploaded to the production database.

Effective ERP implementation project management is a key to its success. At your disposal, we have a team of experienced individuals in various positions, starting from the project manager, who have successfully completed numerous Business Central implementations.


These individuals are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the ERP implementation project are planned and executed in a way that leads to the successful completion of the Business Central implementation project, achieving its goals within the agreed deadline, budget, and with high customer satisfaction.


Our team feels responsible for ensuring quality and timeliness of the provided services a as well as maintaining proper relationships with the customers.