Enhanced Planning Pack

Harness the power of precise forecasting with the Enhanced Planning Worksheet. It has been specifically designed to deliver detailed and actionable results that go beyond ordinary forecasting. Historical data is processed using Microsoft’s Cortana machine learning model . It offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in forecasting. Narzędzie umożliwia także aktualizacje w czasie rzeczywistym prognoz zapotrzebowania na MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and calculates key inventory management values such as safety stock and reorder point. With the functionality of updating item planning values, it transforms inventory planning at the item level, setting a new standard of excellence in forecasting.

Gain full control with Item Planning Review

Item Planning Review is a reliable inventory management tool designed to increase efficiency and accuracy in maintaining inventory levels Starting from easily accessible demand and supply summaries, easy tracking of planned expenditures, to a visual presentation of sales and purchase history. Streamline and improve relationships with suppliers, make key decisions faster, and optimize inventory management across multiple locations. With detailed tabs allowing in-depth analysis, you will optimize inventory management.

Optimize planning with the Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet

The Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet provides robust planning capabilities even without performing complete forecasts. Select specific periods for review and refine data with filter customization options. The feature also allows generating specific consumption data for the selected period, displaying average consumption data as needed. It is more than just a planning tool; it is an essential partner in your journey towards optimal planning and business execution.

Simplify complex processes with the multi-level BOM view

Facilitate production with the multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) view. Analyze the structure of the list with a hierarchical view of materials,identify potential information gaps in demand and supply, and assess production feasibility—all in one place! Moreover, recalculate BOM costs and easily edit structures and document statuses A powerful tool for those who want to have control over the production process, turning complexity into clarity.

Increase efficiency with Advanced Routing Analysis

Achieve a new level of production efficiency with Advanced Routing Analysis. Compare the actual time recorded on the shop floor with the predicted time, and integrate tools such as Shop Floor Insight for full transparency.Analyze production routes instead of single items and review all production orders using just one route. Additionally, identify significant deviations to ensure optimal costs and scheduling. It is more than just analysis – it is the path to production excellence by placing the power of efficiency directly in your hands.

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